Used Vans for Sale at Perkins Motor Plex

Find a used van at one of our convenient Kentucky locations in Mayfield, Murray and Paducah, or Tennessee locations in Jackson and Nashville. We also offer a unique vehicle delivery service, PMP Direct Delivery, available to drivers in all 50 states and drivers near St. Louis & Louisville. Find the right car, at the right price, the right way, every time at Perkins Motor Plex.

Used Vans for Sale and Delivery to All 50 States

When you want a vehicle that will be ideal for when you want to get work done or haul around people, you should take a look at a van. When you want a vehicle that will be ideal for saving money, you should look at what you can find in our used inventory at Perkins Motor Plex in Kentucky and Tennessee. Not only will you get to enjoy all the benefits of a used van, but we can also show you what we have for financing options when you buy with us.

Van Options

There are a couple of basic types of vans. There are minivans, which are great for families, but there are also work vans that are designed for work. If you need a van to take to your job sites, there are many models that you'll enjoy. Some vans are specifically designed to carry a lot of passengers. So if you're interested in getting a vehicle that will be ideal for your business, which requires that you transport a dozen or more people at a time, you'll love the freedom that you can find with a van.

Our Brands

We have several trusted brands for drivers everywhere from Missouri to California to choose from because we know that our customers like variety. For instance, you might like a Toyota because it's known for reliability, or you might prefer a Honda, Chrysler, Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. Each brand has its own vehicles with a unique array of characteristics, and we think that you'll find the perfect solution when you shop on one of our lots.

Where to Get Financing

There are many people who have a financial institution where they like to get their financing for their vehicles, but you can also check with us if you're looking for a financing option for the van that you eventually buy.